There are a number of things in this life/ society that I just don’t get. One of those is Graffiti. Now I get street art a la “exit via the gift shop”, but I don’t get the mentality that has young guys (mostly) marking their territory with a spray can. It is even stranger to me that some of these dudes are REALLY good artists.

There is one guy in our area who has done a few murals and I initially had some level of respect for his works, but then I kept seeing his tag on the fences along the train line. For me, this takes away from my appreciation of his skill. Noskie: cut it out dude! Stick to the real art.

I have observed an interesting “line in the sand” recently for those who practice graffiti… There seems to be a difference for them between a fence or boundary wall of a property and the actual home. Whereas businesses are fair game, a home appears to be sacrosanct. Not sure how this holds up from your observations but I would be happy to have your comments on it…?

So today’s ride was to the shops for the Haloumi cheese I forgot on Thursday and couldn’t get from the shop that was open yesterday (the lengths we will go to for ingredients) and it was in the time spent on the bike that I was thinking once again about the graffiti issue. Some of the newest houses (or rather the newest fences) have been targeted overnight, along with our front fence; a very popular tagging sight.

It was also in this time that I though about how to bring something a little different to the blog in the way of pics, so here goes with 3 pics of some fun and jocularity with bike bits we have lying around.


“Uni cycling a la Roubaix (or was that Flanders?)” (no seat)”?

Zero cycling?

“uni cycling”

ED: the tag about bike security was just a though shared with a young BMX rider at the shopping centre bike racks about how sad it is that we have to lock our bikes at all and the admission that we had each left our bikes unlocked at that location at times. Given: mine is the $20 garage sale special/ pub bike/ hack that I punt around on.

The inference was that we would both like to be able to do this without the fear of coming back to an empty rack.

Just a thought.