Thanks to AVO for the camera and the random morning walker for the pic!

It was an early start today for the trip up Col du Lofty with 4 others from Adelaide Cyclists… The Tuesday Morning Mount Lofty Madness group.

It was a fine morning for a trip up the hill with no wind and balmy weather. I was a little overdressed for the occasion, but appreciated the long riding gear on the way back down the hill.

The quote of the day came from Nathan Portlock via Twitter: “why can’t early mornings come later in the day when it’s easier to get up?” I concur!

Once again I was happy that my bike has some of the best bearings in the world as my descent was smooth and fast. I have had others pedaling trying in vein to catch me on past trips. At the time I put it down to the extra 10kgs or so that I have on them, but I think that the quality of the equipment definitely helps… After a hill I can coast for ever on that bike.

After that it was back onto the Hack for a ride with the fam. The girls are getting stronger all the time. We did more than 10km today with no issues and no major complaints… I haven’t told the girls that Canberra (where we are moving mid year) isn’t flat like our area. It’s a good thing they are starting from a point of good athletic fitness for this move.

Not sure yet what day 20 will bring. We’ll have to wait and see.