100m to nowhere!

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So this morning I went downstairs, spare tube and pump in hand, to repair my single speed bike in order to ride the thing. I completed that task and pumped up both tires. I rode out the driveway and down the street. I was just finishing taking a couple of photos when … Psssshhhhhhh!

The back tire was going down… There was air coming from a small hole in the tire. And then it stopped. I guessed that the hole (one of two in this newish tire. The other one has a “boot” between the tire inner wall and the tube. The offending hole did not) had opened when I pumped the tire up and then pinched the tube out on the road.

Removal of the tire and an inspection of the tube confirmed my suspicions.

That was the end of that ride.

I did go out later in the afternoon to run an errand or two (about a 10km round trip) but I have decided to get a couple of new tires for the single… Might be easier to sell…

Did I mention it’s for sale? Any offer over $300 considered. I’ll post the relevant stats on the bike tomorrow.


Birthday + 1!

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There are a number of things in this life/ society that I just don’t get. One of those is Graffiti. Now I get street art a la “exit via the gift shop”, but I don’t get the mentality that has young guys (mostly) marking their territory with a spray can. It is even stranger to me that some of these dudes are REALLY good artists.

There is one guy in our area who has done a few murals and I initially had some level of respect for his works, but then I kept seeing his tag on the fences along the train line. For me, this takes away from my appreciation of his skill. Noskie: cut it out dude! Stick to the real art.

I have observed an interesting “line in the sand” recently for those who practice graffiti… There seems to be a difference for them between a fence or boundary wall of a property and the actual home. Whereas businesses are fair game, a home appears to be sacrosanct. Not sure how this holds up from your observations but I would be happy to have your comments on it…?

So today’s ride was to the shops for the Haloumi cheese I forgot on Thursday and couldn’t get from the shop that was open yesterday (the lengths we will go to for ingredients) and it was in the time spent on the bike that I was thinking once again about the graffiti issue. Some of the newest houses (or rather the newest fences) have been targeted overnight, along with our front fence; a very popular tagging sight.

It was also in this time that I though about how to bring something a little different to the blog in the way of pics, so here goes with 3 pics of some fun and jocularity with bike bits we have lying around.


“Uni cycling a la Roubaix (or was that Flanders?)” (no seat)”?

Zero cycling?

“uni cycling”

ED: the tag about bike security was just a though shared with a young BMX rider at the shopping centre bike racks about how sad it is that we have to lock our bikes at all and the admission that we had each left our bikes unlocked at that location at times. Given: mine is the $20 garage sale special/ pub bike/ hack that I punt around on.

The inference was that we would both like to be able to do this without the fear of coming back to an empty rack.

Just a thought.

Too much of a good thing…?

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We spent the afternoon watching Jackie Chan teach Kung Fu to Will Smith and Jada Pinket’s son in the latest version of Karate Kid (although the kids were not quite sure why it was called Karate Kid and not Kung Fu Kid and we had nothing helpful to tell them).

I did enjoy the film (hmmm… Outdated word that one) and I did take one quote with me tonight as I got a lift out to do the shopping and caught the bus home: Too much of a good thing is a bad thing.

Not sure I have that 100% correct, but you get the gist.

Today was the second day this month when it has come down to a night-time ride around the back yard to fulfill my month of riding.

This evening I picked up my daughter’s BMX for the task. I didn’t really feel like doing it, but it was pretty funny since the saddle is set at its lowest and I almost had to sit on the pannier rack to ride it seated… riding standing was just as challenging as the handlebars are also swept back so she can reach them (that is, when she’s not riding with her hands in the air!)


It reminded me that her chain is a little slack (like me) and that I still have no idea why people ride their own bikes with the saddle that low. I don’t get it, but that’s ok. I don’t need to. It has no effect on my life… At all!

So, be happy with your bike or change it, but don’t whinge about how (or what) others are riding.

Keep safe. Ride with a smile.

Early start hill climbing

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Thanks to AVO for the camera and the random morning walker for the pic!

It was an early start today for the trip up Col du Lofty with 4 others from Adelaide Cyclists… The Tuesday Morning Mount Lofty Madness group.

It was a fine morning for a trip up the hill with no wind and balmy weather. I was a little overdressed for the occasion, but appreciated the long riding gear on the way back down the hill.

The quote of the day came from Nathan Portlock via Twitter: “why can’t early mornings come later in the day when it’s easier to get up?” I concur!

Once again I was happy that my bike has some of the best bearings in the world as my descent was smooth and fast. I have had others pedaling trying in vein to catch me on past trips. At the time I put it down to the extra 10kgs or so that I have on them, but I think that the quality of the equipment definitely helps… After a hill I can coast for ever on that bike.

After that it was back onto the Hack for a ride with the fam. The girls are getting stronger all the time. We did more than 10km today with no issues and no major complaints… I haven’t told the girls that Canberra (where we are moving mid year) isn’t flat like our area. It’s a good thing they are starting from a point of good athletic fitness for this move.

Not sure yet what day 20 will bring. We’ll have to wait and see.

Early morning haiku

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Early morning ride
To the shops for sugar
Home to hot coffee

Grey clouds. Pink clouds
Pale blue sky beyond. Some rain
Just a few wet spots

Small bird on the road
I wonder what type it is
Brown with light brown flecks

Happy moments

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I was in a pretty flat mood when I left home to get my girls from school this arvo. No reason to be really: blue sky, little wind, warm day. My mood was not helped when, part way through my ride to school a woman failed to see me (or hear me yelling at her) and turned across my path. I yelled again and was easily able to stop my bike and avoid a collision. She still seemed oblivious to my presence. She stopped and, without looking either in her mirror or over her shoulder, she switched off her indicator and accelerated along the same road she had been on already. I would love to know why she never turned that corner!

Swings and roundabouts though: having collected my girls and made most of the journey home, we passed an old guy we see from time to time along the way. He was sitting on his front porch watching the day pass. When he saw us he smiled a huge smile and said hi to the girls. Made my ride.

Be careful of the stupid things, but don’t forget to look out for the happy moments along the way.

Quick spin…

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This is me, the second day of the long gear from The North Face. Pity there is no chamois so I think I will invest in a loose one. At least my knicks have one.

I am starting to think it may be time to invest in a computer of some sort for the road bike. I would like to have been able to see how fast I went this morning in a short sprint between roundabouts. I was fast enough that the trailing car didn’t try to pass me. Thank you driver.

Have a good one.

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