Looking towards tomorrow…

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I did ride today. First, I went to the shops with my lovely wife and then rode out to get our fortnightly supply of coffee. Last, I had a short trip this evening to pick up some things from a friend’s house. All up I probably covered about 30 km between The Hack and the Kennedy today.

What I am looking forward to is my first ride up to Mt Lofty for quite some time tomorrow morning. I have prepped the bike this evening with air in the tires and two bright lights up front. For the back I employ a couple of flashers clipped to my jersey pockets to help those bleary-eyed early-morning drivers to see me better.

I would really like to find a cool jersey to wear on rides like this one where the design (or part thereof) is reflective. There are plenty that have one or two ribs or seams that are reflective, but I am after something a lot more convincing… maybe a giant eye on the back of the jersey made from reflective materials? What about the words “Look out for me” underneath?

Your thoughts on this would be awesome! Maybe if there’s enough interest we can get it priced…?


3 days in one blog…

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I’ve been a bit slack on the writing side… but not on the cycling side. As was pointed out on Twitter, yesterday was the half-way mark of the 30 days, and I must say I am keeping up with it all quite well. I have, so far, cycled every day. I am well on my way to achieving what I set out to do.

The past few days have been all ridden on the old hack. My Single Speed still has a flat front tire and I just haven’t felt like fussing with cleats and gears. Although my MTB has 21 gears (one more than my Kennedy roadie) I find the need to change gears much less often on it.

What I am looking forward to is Tuesday morning when the plan is to join the bunch riding up Mt Lofty (or as I affectionately call it, Col du Lofty) early in the morning. If you’re in Adelaide, you should consider joining us. 5.50 departure from the lights at the bottom of the old freeway (Mt Barker Rd/Southern Expressway).

I have been a lot more relaxed riding over the past few days, and have had fewer run-ins with idiot drivers. They are still out there, but I think I have just been in a better frame of mind. It’s interesting what happens when you are in a better head space. Drivers give way. Drivers don’t cut one off. Pedestrians say “hi”, and other cyclists smile and say “g’day” too (well, actually when I am on the hack, it’s mainly others out on their hacks or “pub bikes” who say “g’day”. It’s interesting that these same people will still greet me regardless of the bike I am on if I say hi. Hmmm… pondering material that.

Blog ya later. Enjoy the sun in Adelaide, if that’s where you are, and the snow elsewhere if that’s what you have… Such as my friend Davide Vigano (of Leopard-Trek fame) who took this pic the other day (original pic can be found here… http://yfrog.com/h0x2gvdj)

Snow in the Dolomite Mountains in Italy

Steel cap day

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Although I did wake with a heavy head this morning, this is not the sort of steel cap I went riding in this morning. (although, as usual, I did have a cycling cap on. One day I will splurge on one of these…

20110413-142327.jpg Rocketfuel.net.au )

I put on jeans and steel capped boots today for something different and headed out earlier than planned because of imminent rain that was forecast. Didn’t happen.


I am glad that the rain didn’t come but I felt a bit ripped off. Oh well.

I went out this afternoon to a meeting that I forgot had been cancelled last week and wasted an hour.

And now I am writing this blog instead of 100 other things I could or should be doing. You get that. Flat day. I think I need more water.

Chapeu! (As another cap freak friend is want to say… Adappercapper.wordpress.com )

Chilly mornings…

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I went out in shorts and a t-shirt this morning… But I ALSO had on my The North Face long gear on. Is this wrong? Longs under shorts?

What are the rules for riding an old clunker to take the girls to school?


Anyway… I think I look pretty hot… And I did stay warm. I just need to find those winter gloves from last year…

Blog ya later

April 11… Day 11… funny that!

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Started late after a fairly busy weekend (including staying up last night for the Paris-Roubaix). It was raining early and the train crossing near our house was malfunctioning so we didn’t leave home until about 8.45 this morning.

Thankfully the rain had cleared and we only felt a few spots on the way to school.

I went out on the MTB again today. Took it to Marion (I hate taking my good bikes there. I’m always nervous I will come back to no bike.) and parked alongside a brand spanking new Trek… so new that it still had the plastic over the handle-bar tape!

I walked to the bank and found a guy with one of these Onderwater Tandems (which will seat his 5yo at the front and his toddler at the back) which is power-assisted for getting him and the kids up the hill. (http://dutchcargobike.com.au/family-tandem-onderwater-fiets-bicyle-rental-ebike/)

We talked about being car-lite or car-free and how we came to do it and some of the ways we get around not having a car, like having our Organic Groceries home delivered (organicbox.com.au).

I walked back to my bike through the rain (such as it was) and the kids and I got caught in a heavy shower of rain on the way home. Put the kids straight in the bath. Had a hot coffee to warm me up. Hot dinner and kids into bed.

I probably rode around 30 k’s today doing my odd jobs puttering about on a cranky old MTB. Really need to get the BB and back wheel bearings sorted out. That might make the ride a tad more enjoyable.

Back yard circuits

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Today has been a very busy day with a visit to my sister, who had her first child yesterday, the first birthday party for another friend’s daughter and my wife leaving on a jet plane.

It has taken me until 8.20pm to get a moment to ride. Today I chose the MTB for ease, considering the steel-capped boots I have on and the flat pedals on that bike.

It took me several tries at taking these shots and I ended up doing about a dozen or fifteen circuits of my carpark.

Now time to make a coffee and sit down for the Paris-Roubaix. Go Sparticus!


Early morning haiku

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Early morning ride
To the shops for sugar
Home to hot coffee

Grey clouds. Pink clouds
Pale blue sky beyond. Some rain
Just a few wet spots

Small bird on the road
I wonder what type it is
Brown with light brown flecks

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